Friday, August 29, 2014

Opinions on BeForever

Hi! Sorry I have neglected this blog so bad lately. From now on I will try to post on the weekends, since the rest of the week I will be busy with school. Anyways, today I will be showing you my favorite things from the new release. I will be going to the store on Monday, too, so stay tuned for BeForever pics!


I LOVE this outfit and I think it would look so pretty on Cecile, too! I want to get this for her sometime. I also love that they sell the new meet outfits separately so you can get them without buying the doll. :)

This outfit is pretty and I like how it relates to her story.

This is a nice set, but I wish the food was separate and not clumped together. :(


This is cool and it reminds me of Marie-Grace and Cecile's. But I won't get it because it's too expensive.

This is cute, but I wish the outfit for Caroline was different because she already has the fancy purple gown.


I really like how colorful and accurate Josefina's new meet outfit is!


I love Julie's new outfit! I also love her tie dye bag, but I'm not a huge fan of the other accessories.

This is really cute! I might want to get this.

It's such a cool idea how you can plug your iPod or phone in. I definitely want this!

This is also really cute and I love the hugging monkeys. ;)

This is so so so cute! I want it. :)

I'm not a huge fan of this. I liked the old red one better.


I'm glad they finally made Kaya a hairstyle set. :)


This is really really cute, but I don't think this would have been worn in the Depression.

Not a huge fan of this one. (I liked her old reporter dress better.)

This is adorable! If I had Kit, I'd want this.

I love the sweater, the bow, and the shoes, but not the rest of it.


Cute! Purple looks so good on Rebecca.

This is awesome, but I think it's too expensive.


This is really pretty! I love the color.

And that's it! I will do Samantha in a separate post because she has so much stuff. Also, I did get a new doll as you may remember from my last post. I was planning on doing a "welcome home" photostory for her, but it didn't work out. But I just wanted to let you know that I got Chrissa! I found a new in box one off eBay so I was really happy and I love her a lot! Congrats to Maddie and Shelby-Grace for guessing which doll I got correct!


Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I will try to post more often, but I have been really busy. In this post I will just be updating you on what's going on. Also, I have some great news coming up at the end of this post! :)

First, thank you so much for 4 followers! This blog is still fairly new and I am so thankful to have so many followers. Thank you to:

Liberty Rain

Second, I recently went to the American Girl store and got a lot of stuff, so stay tuned for reviews! I got 4 things, including 1 BIG item.

Also, I am working on a tour of my doll house and I can't wait to finish so I can show you guys!

Now for my great news..... I'm getting a new doll!!!!!!!!!!! When she comes I will do a photostory and review post about her so look out for that. I'm not going to tell you who she is yet so it will be a surprise, but you might be able to guess. (I've talked about her before.)  I am so excited to get her!

Who do you think I got? Please comment your answer down below!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Victory Award Nomination!

Hi everyone! I was nominated for the Victory award by Shelby-Grace from Oh My Dollies and Maddie from Dolls on my Mind. Thanks so much for the nominations! :) Here are the questions:

What is your favorite doll from AG?
  I would have to say Saige is my fave. Don't tell the other dolls! ;)

What is your favorite book?

There are so many I just can't choose!

How many dolls (AG or not) do you have?

I have 11 AG dolls.

Do you have any Girl Of The Year dolls?

Yes! I have Lanie, Kanani, McKenna, Saige, and Isabelle.

Historical or Girl Of The Year?

Maybe GOTY because I can relate to them more, but I love them both so much!

Do have any MyAGs?

Yes, I have #35 and #55.

Thanks so much Shelby-Grace!

I was also nominated by Maddie from Dolls on my Mind. Here are her questions:

1.) How long have you been blogging?
June second, 2014

2.) Who/what inspired you to start your blog?
Looking at other girls' doll blogs and YouTube channels.

3.) How do you feel about BeForever?
I am not excited about it. I liked the Historicals the way they were. :(

4.) Have you ever customized a doll?
No, and I don't think I ever will.

5.) How many AG stores have you been to?
A few. ;)
6.) If you could choose another Historical Character to bring out of the Archives with Samantha, who would you choose?
Does Cecile count? She is sold out and I would like to see more items added to her collection.

Thank you so much for nominating me!


Photoshoots with Saige and Cecile

Today I took Cecile and Saige out for photoshoots. I did them separate, so that's why there are no pictures of the two of them together. Also, I apologize for the horrible quality of these photos. They were fine until I uploaded them. I don't know what happened.... Well, here they are. :)  

Saige's head got clipped of when it uploaded. ;)
Please comment down below what your favorite pic is, even though they are all terrible. I will try to get whatever problem I am having fixed. :) My favorite is the fourth one that is of Saige.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Outfits of the Month

Hi everyone! I am sorry I haven't posted lately. 
I have a new series that I am going to start posting called outfits of the month. It will be a post with pictures of a few outfits that relate to that month and they will either be outfits from AG or mix-and-match outfits. For all of these monthly posts, I would like you to comment whose outfit is your favorite. Now let's get started with July's outfits! :)
Our models are Julie and Caroline. They are sitting by the cabana. All the accessories they have are from Kanani, the cabana, and beach chair.

First we have Caroline wearing the Sunny Isle outfit without the hair clip. This outfit is adorable and perfect for the beach!

Julie is wearing an outfit that I created.
The shirt is a creativi-tee from the AG store.
The shorts are from her patchwork outfit. This outfit is perfect for relaxing in the summer.

The shoes are from a retired swim set from AG.

And here are some of the accessories. Some food, shells, and a ukulele!

As a bonus, I will show you some pictures I took of Marie-Grace and her new dog, Argos. (Sorry the quality is terrible, the lighting was bad.)

They look so sweet!

So, I hope you enjoyed the outfits Julie and Caroline were wearing in this post. Please comment down below whose outfit was your favorite!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Daisy Chain Award

Hi everyone!
I was nominated for the Daisy Chain award by Maddie from Dolls on my Mind. This award was created by Shelby-Grace from Oh my Dollie.

I was so excited to get this award and now I will be answering some questions.

1.) What's your favorite doll face mold? Ex; classic, Josefina, Jess, etc...
My favorite would have to be either the classic or Josefina.

2.) Do you prefer MyAGs or GOTY?
I prefer GOTY most of the time because I like the books and I also like seeing the collections that AG brings out for them and the special features that they have, like Isabelle's highlights.

3.) What's your favorite store/website to buy doll clothes?
Definitely American Girl! :) 

4.) What inspired you to create your own doll blog?
I was inspired by photography, photo-stories, and crafts from other doll blogs. I had the idea to create my own for a while, but never did, and I am so glad I finally created one! 

5.) If you could have any doll (retired or not), who would you choose?
I would choose Chrissa because we have a lot in common and I love her collection.

6.) Do you prefer photo stories or crafts on other doll blogs?
I would have to say both! I love making things for my dolls and reading about other dolls' adventures.

7.) What's your favorite hairstyle to do on your dolls?
There are so many! Most of the time I like to do simple hairstyles, such as all down, ponytails, or braids. I always love adding cute hair accessories, too!

8.) What is your favorite doll brand?
American Girl. I do not have much experience with others, and a few of them scare me a bit. ;) I will be sticking with American Girl.

I was also tagged by Pretty Lilly. Now I will answer her questions.

1. Would you rather wear skirts or shorts?
Shorts. :)

2. Froyo or ice cream?
I love froyo!

3. What's your favorite season and why?
Summer because there is no school so I have more time for my dolls.

4. What doll would you like to buy?
Even though she is retired. I want Chrissa. I would also want the 1950's historical with the leaked photos if she is real and maybe the GOTY 2015.

5. Do you like salty treats or sweet treats better?
Definitely sweet treats!
6. What's your favorite AG book?
I love the Kanani books.

7. What item do you like best of the new AG collection and why?
I like the Karate outfit best out of the new AG release because I do Karate and have been waiting a long time for AG to have a karate outfit and now they finally have one!

8. What is your favorite doll outfit?
This is a hard one! I love Saige's sweater outfit, the easy breezy outfit, and the Sunny Isle outfit.

Thank you Pretty Lilly an American Girl

I nominate:
The Abbot Doll Family
Dolls On My Mind
AGD Time
Pretty Lilly An American Girl
Dolly Dorm Diaries

And anyone else who hasn't been nominated!

My questions are:

1. What doll do you want the most? (Retired or not)
2. What is your favorite doll hair color?
3. Who is your favorite doll?
4. Do you prefer GOTY, MAG, or Historical?
5. What do you think of BeForever?
6. What inspired you to create a doll blog?
7. What is your favorite place to take doll pictures?

Thank you so much to Maddie and Pretty Lilly for the nominations!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review of the Sparkly Camp Outfit

Hi! I got the sparkly camp outfit recently so I will do a review for you. I did not like this outfit when I first saw it online. But when I saw it in the store, it was adorable and I knew I had to have it. I also love how the top and shoes can be used in the winter, too. There are so many mix and match options in this outfit.
Here McKenna is wearing the full outfit.

The fabric of the sweater has sparkles knitted in and sequins at the top.
I like the coral strap detail on the shoulder.

The belt is super cute and has a gold buckle.
It reminds me of the one from Isabelle's Metallic dress.

The design on the shorts is cute.

The boots are adorable!

I love this outfit, even though it is not the most realistic outfit for camping, it is still very cute.
What do you think of this outfit? Please comment down below.